Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Haami's sneaky procedure

                 How to sneak a soft drink into school
  • Soft drink (Sprite is the best for this)
  • your bag
  • A drink bottle (make sure it’s not see through)
  • And a funnel

  1. The day before go to the supermarket and buy your sprite and go home
  2. When your at home grab a funnel and your bottle and place your funnel inside.
  3. Start pouring your sprite into your bottle until it is full to the brim and screw the lid on your bottle  (if their is any sprite left you can drink it (optional)  
  4. Put your bottle in your bag
  5. Walk with your bag to the bus stop and wait for it to arrive
  6. Get on the bus with your bag and make sure no one looks inside your bag
  7. When you arrive at school  walk to  your class and hang your bag up
  8. In class  when you are thirsty walk to your bag and get your bottle out
  9. Walk back to your seat if anyone is sitting next to you ask your teacher if you can work somewhere by yourself
  10. If she lets you take your stuff and go work by yourself and drink your sprite in peace
  11. Now celebrate since your successfully brought and drank a soft drink at school.  

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Nau mai haere mai

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